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Greetings from the staff at Valley Cabinet! While there doesn't seem to be much activity happening outside (Is it spring yet???), we're excited to share that there's plenty of bustling activity stirring inside the walls of Valley Cabinet. In this issue of Valley News, get tips to maximize your cabinet space, discover a new kitchen design trend, and learn about our new "green" certification. Read all about it below, and if you're still eager for more home inspiration, or would simply like to stay connected, visit our Facebook page!

Proud to be ESP-Certified

We are pleased to announce, as members of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), Valley Cabinet has qualified for the Environmental Stewardship Program! The voluntary program allows cabinetry professionals to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and helps customers identify which products are better for both their families and the environment.

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Design Trend: Kitchen Islands are the Center of Attention

There's something amazing cookin' in the kitchen and it's not just your latest gourmet creation. The hottest trend in kitchen design is accenting the room with a functional, unique, and often colorful, island centerpiece. Gone are the days of the over-simplified "matchy-matchy" aesthetic ... eclectic cabinetry is in! Treated almost like a stand-alone piece of furniture, designers are purposely selecting wood grains, styles and paint colors that contrast with the surrounding cabinetry to break up and enhance the color and flow of the room.

Much like the perfect recipe, achieving the best result is all about balance. For darker kitchen cabinets, our designers recommend a light central workspace to brighten the room. For light kitchen cabinets, go darker on the island's side panels, or better yet, have fun with color! Selecting a counter top that is different from the surrounding counters can further balance your eclectic look. Try an industrious wood block or concrete countertop on the island to offset surrounding granite surfaces.

Visit a Valley Cabinet showroom to see examples up close, plus consult with our designers on how to use Valley Cabinet door styles, textures, wood grains, stains, paints and glazes to create an island that truly is one of a kind.

Tips to Maximize Your Cabinet Space

Whether you're trying to make the most of a small kitchen, or you have more cooking utensils than you do space, there are a variety of creative ways to maximize kitchen cabinetry. 

  • Add Convenience Features - From pullout drawers and built-in wine racks to drawer organizers and vertical tray holders, you can easily draw clever storage solutions into plans when designing your kitchen, or include them in a remodel years later.
  • Extend Cabinets to the Ceiling - A lot of space can be wasted between the tops of cabinets and the ceiling, especially if you don't know how, or don't want to, decorate the area. On top of all that, it's difficult to clean. Instead, extend your cabinets all the way to the ceiling and gain a few feet in shelving height.
  • Hang Items Inside Cabinet Doors - Free up drawer space by hanging small kitchen utensils on the inside of cabinet doors. Identify gaps in shelves, then use small adhesive hangers that won't damage your cabinet door to store lightweight items.
  • Declutter - Sometimes your most spacious cabinets can be the most disorganized. Items you don't use often, or should have disposed of long ago, get pushed to the back and more can begin to pile up in front of them. Take time to pull everything out and assess the worth of questionable items.