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Beautiful Wood—the Foundation of Our Cabinetry.

From light and airy to dark and stately, clean and contemporary to carved and traditional, no matter what style of cabinetry you prefer, the wood you select is an important part of the finished project. A wood’s grain and other characteristics play a pivotal role in creating a personality for a room. Your Valley Cabinet designer can help you select the wood that best suits your needs and cabinetry desires. Review the choices below and browse our online galleries for additional inspiration.

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  • Maple Hard White

    mapleStandard Grade: Clear white wood with a few small pin knots and occasional mineral streaks visible in the machined areas. Recommended for light and medium stain colors. Unique characteristics include occasional patterns of “birdseye” and “worm tracks” are not considered a defect in standard grade wood.

    Rustic Grade: Available in solid wood only. Rustic grade allows many variations such as mineral streaks, sapwood, cracks and knots.

  • Cherry

    CherryStandard Grade: Naturally colorful with hues of pinks and reds blended throughout. Occasional small streaks of sapwood are visible in the machined areas. Unique characteristics in standard grade are pin knots, small gum spots and mineral flecks. Cherry will darken naturally as it ages.

    Rustic Grade: Available in solid wood only. Allows more of the naturally occurring characteristics throughout, as well as knots and small cracks.

  • Alder

    AlderStandard Grade: Uniform in color and grain, Alder is similar to cherry in color and grain pattern.

    Knotty AlderRustic Grade: Available in solid wood only. Rustic grade allows large knots, cracks, voids and color variations.

  • Red Oak

    Red OakStandard Grade: Uniform color with a mixture of wide and narrow grain patterns are typical. May have small pin knots and occasional mineral streaks visible.

    Rustic Grade: Available in solid wood only. Rustic grade will have knots, mineral steaks, sapwood and heartwood.

  • Hickory

    HickoryHickory is a very hard, elastic and strong hardwood. It is the strongest American wood and is used for athletic equipment, ladder rungs, etc. It has very distinct growth rings. The heartwood is light reddish-brown or tan and the sapwood is creamy white.

  • Black Walnut

    HickoryWalnut is a moderately dense hardwood. The grain is highly figured and can have swirl or burl patterns. The heartwood has varying colors of brown, often with a purplish tint.

Additional specialty woods are available upon request.

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